Better and faster with support material
using patent-pending Selective Deposition Technology
Our 3D-printer uses two independent print-heads. Only one print-head is engaged in the printing process at a time, while the other is parked on the side. Inactive print-head does not interfere with the model leading to spotless print-results and you save valuable print time compared to systems which cool inactive nozzle. Moreover, this amazing technology completely automates the process of adjusting the height of both nozzles and improves reliability dramatically.
Why is this feature important?
Printing dedicated support-material is essential to get high-quality results. This capability requires two nozzles. Most two-material extrusion-based 3D-printers have both nozzles mounted on a single print-head. While the active nozzle is printing, the inactive nozzle stays hot and loses some material over your model resulting in blemished prints.

Some printers address this problem by parking both heads on the side and cooling the inactive nozzle until it stops leaking. This solves quality problem, but introduces another one. Each cooling phase takes a while potentially adding hours to total print-time.

Both nozzles need to be at the same distance to print-surface. If one nozzle is too low it may damage or ruin the print-job. Common designs do not provide automatic procedures to adjust this height leading to failed prints sooner or later.
Just add water
Our soluble support material dissolves in tap water. This lets you create complex models where other types of support material fail. Water finds its way into small cavities and hidden places to wash away the support structures there. You can now print fully working mechanical assemblies and highly intricate parts as single objects.